The best logistics projects - ELA AWARD 2018

Kamil Slavík, who is a member of the ECBL Board and a member of the ELA Awards, has traditionally taken part in the award announcement for the Best Project, Presentation and Personality, which took place in Brussels on 7th June.

Czech logistics was successful again - Škoda Auto Logistics has been on a podium with its SMART AKL 4.0 project.

Hypera has been cooperating with Škoda Auto since 2005 and we provided our expertises and support to many projects, especially in logistics. For example, we had been working on streamlining of the material flow, optimization of processes on container terminal as well as on procedures of packaging for CKD Centrum. Now we are involved in so called components supermarkets optimization for production line of Octavia, Rapid, Superb as well as in coordination of materials supply chain for new SUV models.

Congratulations to Škoda, we are proud of being part of their success!


Eurolog 2018  presentace  v Maroku Eurolog 2018  presentace  v Maroku


UK Airports Safety Week 2018

At the end of May 2018, in the UK took place an event called UK Airports Safety Week 2018, where Hypera was invited by Norwegian company Opscom Systems, a partner company dealing with SMS development and implementation. This event was attended by Lukáš Matějka, representing Hypera Aviation Solutions division. One of the main parts of schedule was a presentation of SMS Opscom Systems including the statistics and news of the system.

Within the program participants visited London Luton Airport, which is one of the fastest growing airports in Europe in terms of the number of passengers transported per year (currently around 16 million passengers per year) and therefore their SMS work is very important and inspiring, and then also Belfast City Airport and Birmingham Airport.



Eurolog 2018, presentation in Marocco.

From 8th to 11th May, at EUROLOG International Conference in Marrakech, Morocco, Kamil Slavík in cooperation with Mr. Miroslav Mazal, Škoda Auto CKD Centre representative, presented current trends in automotive logistics. This important event, presented by ELA (European Logistics Association), took place out of continental Europe for the first time. Hypera Logistic Solutions division works on the development and introduction of new technologies in Škoda Auto factories and warehouses in Mlada Boleslav and Kvasiny, as well as on optimization of logistics processes and warehouses monitoring.


Eurolog 2018  presentace  v Maroku Eurolog 2018  presentace  v Maroku Eurolog 2018  presentace  v Maroku
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